OpenSilex team

OpenSilex team

MISTEA develops the OpenSILEX software suite (Information System
pour L’Experimentation) which implements original management methods for the exploitation of data semantics, and adopts an architecture adapted to heterogeneity and increasing volumes of data.

OpenSILEX is a set of interoperable software modules (structuring, visualization, analysis, reproducibility, etc.) which allows the creation of scientific information systems dedicated to the exploitation of large-scale data in agronomy. OpenSILEX instances are used on a daily basis by around ten research units around the world, technical institutes and partnerships (e.g., Terre-Inovia, IFV, FUI Pilotype, Moët-et-Chandon, Lallemand), for example :

  • PHIS (high throughput plant phenotyping),
  • Alfis,
  • Silex-VitiOeno (wine and viticulture),
  • Silex-LBE (depollution).

Thanks to concrete features for sharing and reusing data, OpenSILEX greatly promotes the development of open science and the creation of value around data. The PHIS instance, for example, has established itself as an international benchmark for the structuring and exploitation of large-scale data produced by high-throughput phenotyping with the Phénome or EMPHASIS platforms.

The work around OpenSilex is based on strong collaborations (INRIA, University of Montpellier, I3S CNRS, WUR (NL), CNR (It), Univ Tokyo). Since 2015, an adaptation of OpenSILEX has been marketed by the company BioEnTech, which has positioned itself on the market for monitoring methanizers.


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